Stay Awake and Be Serious

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Normally, the temperatures drop and cooler air can be enjoyed. Fall is also a time of beautiful scenery as the leaves begin to change color and then fall to the ground. This season of the year can also be a busy time in the life of a church. At New Life, we have several events coming up that I hope you will participate in. I am especially looking forward to our Revival with Jon Reed October 15th-18th. Jon is a passionate preacher with a deep love for souls. You will certainly want to invite others to join us for revival. It may very well change their life!  I know personally that I am longing for revival within my own heart and in the life of our church. I was reflecting again this morning on 1 Thessalonians 5:6 which states, “we must not sleep, like the rest, but we must stay awake and be serious.” These are serious times in which we live. The need for the church to live and proclaim the gospel is great. 
The time to awaken to a new awareness of responsibility is now for each of us who follow Christ. Every one of us as His church has a part to play in sharing the gospel and making disciples of Jesus Christ. We need to take seriously our obedience to Christ in the areas of church membership and attendance. Far too many Christians are sitting on the sidelines as spectators while their is a great battle for the souls of men being waged all around them. The time to awaken and be serious is now. It is time to stop allowing petty grievances or preferences to keep us from being the salt and light this world desperately needs.  At the current rate of decline and falling away that we see in the United States, it will not be long before we resemble Europe, where churches once were filled but now sit empty and closed.
In order to see revival, we must surrender. We must be willing to sacrifice our comforts and preferences. We must change our habits and surrender our lives to Christ so that the Holy Spirit can begin to shape and change our desires from selfish desires to selfless desires. Only God can do that!  Only God can change us and revive us! Will you surrender and seek Him today? May the changing of the seasons remind us of our need to change. Instead of sleeping in comfort, may we awake to the seriousness of our own spiritual condition and realize the impact we have on others as well. 
Love in Christ,